How to Pack and Ship a Skateboard

shipping skateboard

To ship a skateboard successfully, it is important to pack it really well. This article provides an easy-to-follow guide on how to pack a skateboard for shipping.

Measure the skateboard’s dimensions: length, width and depth. Once you got the measurements, add six inches to each one to make room for packing material. Base on this measurements, you can now choose the size of box you will need.

It will be difficult to find a box that is the exact size of your skateboard plus the allowance. What you can do is to make your own box (merge two small boxes to create a bigger one) by following these steps.  Another option is to use a larger box and just fill it with extra packing material.

Wrap the skateboard in large bubble wrap. Make sure to completely cover the skateboard with bubble wrap. It should be at least layers thick. As a preventive measure, make a label with the name, address, and phone number of the recipient and adhere it to the outer layer of the bubble wrap. The information inside the box is helpful in case the box gets damaged during shipment and the label is lost or destroyed.

Place the bubble-wrapped skateboard into the box half-filled with packing peanuts. Then, fill the remaining empty space with more packing peanuts. Make sure that the box is so entirely filled that the skateboard does not move at all when you close the box and shake it a bit.

Tape the box shut with 2 or 3-inch packing tape. Masking tape or duct tape are insufficient and may not keep the box sealed until it reaches its destination. The box should be taped in an “H” pattern so that all seams are sealed.

Put address and labels on at least two sides of the box and take it to the nearest shipping center and send it on its way.

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