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How to Pack and Ship a Mattress

shipping a mattress

Because of its sheer weight and bulkiness, a bed mattress is a bit tedious to ship. However, it is not at all troublesome when armed with the proper technique on how to properly package the bedding. Here are practical tips on how to ship a mattress.

Mattresses are expensive items and are especially susceptible to moisture and dirt because of their cloth covering. Thus, it must be properly packed for shipping to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition to its new destination.

The most popular way to ship a mattress is via a moving company that travels to the location of the mattress’s final destination. You can also cut a big chunk on your shipping costs through this method especially if you are not in a hurry to deliver the item. With this method, you can share the costs with other customers who are shipping items in the same destination but you will have to wait for the schedule of the other shipments.

Another excellent way to ship a mattress is to check personal ads in your local newspaper and the internet – there may be someone moving to where you want the mattress shipped that can add it to their load cheaply. In any case, look around before making a commitment to ship a mattress and you may just find an incredible bargain on shipping costs.

When you have decided on which shipping method to use, it is time to prepare and wrap the mattress to be shipped to protect it from damage during transit. To do this, you can use two cotton blankets of moderate thickness and of the right size and cover each side of the mattress.  You can secure the two blankets to one another with safety pins. After this, wrap the bedding in plastic sheeting with all loose ends taped with duct tape. It’s always a good idea to double or even triple-wrap it in plastic to prevent damage because a very small amount of water can damage a mattress beyond repair.

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