How to Ship a Laptop Computer

shipping a laptop computer

Like most electronic gadgets, laptop computers are especially fragile, not to mention valuable. So when you are shipping a laptop, it is imperative to be extremely careful. Below are practical tips on how to safely pack and ship a laptop computer:

After backing up any important data from the laptop, detach all cords from the system and then put the computer in a plastic bag. Seal the bag to keep the computer free from dust. Place the cords and other components in a separate sealed bag.

Gently cover the item in bubble wrap making sure the bubbles are facing the inside. Tape the wrap securely.

Sandwich your laptop between two pieces of cardboard or Styrofoam board.

Layer the bottom of a box with a few inches of packing peanuts.  Use a box that is two to three times larger than your computer. Place the laptop inside the box and continue to fill it with the peanuts. Shake gently to evenly disperse the peanuts. Make sure that the laptop doesn’t shift when the box is moved.

Seal and label the box. Cover the labels with clear packing tape so the address does not smear in case of rain during transit. Don’t forget to put several fragile stickers on the box.

Take the package to a reputable shipping company. It is important to insure your item through your chosen carrier. Always keep and make copies of your receipts so that you can prove the value of your item if it is damaged or lost.

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