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Just like any other electronic item, your home audio system is fragile equipment that requires proper handling. Furthermore, it must be packed properly when being shipped to ensure that it can withstand the rough environment it will encounter during transit. When not properly padded and cushioned, a stereo sound system may end up broken and unusable when it reaches its destination.  Here are tips on how to pack and ship a home audio system properly to avoid damage and avoid the need for costly repairs.

Start packing the system by disconnecting the stereo system from each other. Detach all connectors from the stereo system, including cords, speakers and the amplifier.

Get some bubble wrap and wrap each component separately. To ensure that they are well padded, wrap each component in at least two layers of thick bubble wrap on all sides. For the main component, which is the most delicate part of the system, wrap it in three or four layers of bubble wrap. Use packaging tape to secure the wraps.

If the box/boxes that the stereo system came in with is still available, use it to pack the system.  It/They will provide the best protection for the components.  When the original packaging is no longer available, you may use any sturdy shipping box that will fit the stereo and its components with little to no space left over.

Arrange the components in the box and if there are spaces left, fill them up with more bubble wrap or packing peanuts.  Gently shake the box to see if the contents move around. If they do, add more bubble wrap or peanuts.

Close the box and seal the flaps with packaging tape.  Address the box and put on labels such as “Handle with Care” and “This Side Up” using a bold, dark marker.

Take the package to your choice of shipping company or to the post office.  You may want to choose the 2 Day Priority or Express Mail service option to reduce the time that the package spends on transport to two days or less.

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