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How to Ship a Harp

How to Ship a Harp

Just like the music it creates, the beautiful harp is particularly delicate. When shipping a harp, or any other musical instrument for that matter, great care must be employed to ensure that it arrives in one piece and in good working condition. It is not an easy task to send out a massive musical instrument. The harp’s fragile nature, bulk, and heaviness makes it tedious to ship, not to mention the costs. Thus, precautionary measures such as proper packing must be observed when shipping a harp. Here are tips on how to pack and ship a harp properly.

Get all the packing materials that are necessary to provide cushioning and prevent getting damaged during transit.

The strings of the harp must be kept taut. This will help make the harp more resilient to bumps.

Use polystyrene foam blocks to protect the edges and corners of the harp. It is a good idea to use a lot foam as padding of the entire instrument.  It will provide much-needed protection from bumps during travel.

Use a lot of tape to secure the foam blocks in position but make sure that the tape adhesive do not have direct contact with the instrument.

Wrap the entire harp in several layers of bubble wrap. Use packing tape to secure it in place.

Get a sturdy cardboard box that can accommodate the padded harp. If no box is big enough, you can make one big box by merging two smaller ones (read instructions


Place the harp inside the box and fill with packing peanuts to the top.  Close the box and seal with packaging tape.

Attach addresses and labels on the box and take the package to your local shipping company.  You can also opt for pickup if the shipping company offers it.

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