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How to Ship a Gaming Console

ship gaming console

Gaming consoles, just like most electronic gadgets, are made of fragile plastic housings.  Therefore, proper packing is necessary to provide adequate protection during shipping. Here is an easy-to-follow guide on how to pack and ship a gaming console so that it arrives perfect condition.

Individually wrap every item, the console, controllers, power cords and game cartridges in bubble wrap. The console should be wrapped in at least two layers of bubble wrap. This will prevent items from getting scratched, cracked and damaged due to bumping.

Make sure that power supply cords are neatly rolled and secured with rubber bands. Also, wrap in bubble wrap and attach it to the power supply with packing tape.

When wrapping controllers, make sure the joy stick doesn’t have any pressure caused by the bubble wrap. The wrap should not be too taut.

When shipping several loose game cartridges, tie them first with rubber bands before wrapping with bubble wrap.

Arrange all bubble wrapped items in a neat pile and bundle them together with packaging tape.  This will prevent the items from shifting inside the box during transit.

Get a cardboard shipping box that is about 2 inches or larger in size in all directions of the gaming console bundle. Secure the bottom flaps with packaging tape to prevent it from popping open while in transit.

Layer the bottom of the box with 2 inches of packing peanuts. Never use crumpled newspaper and wadded plastic bags when shipping heavy items as they don’t provide enough cushioning.

Place the bundled gaming console on top of the peanuts, in the center of the box. Fill the box with more packing peanuts up to the top. Make sure that every crevice and empty space is filled with peanuts.

Close the box.  Gently shake to make sure that the contents are not moving. Otherwise, add more peanuts. Use packaging tape to seal and secure the top flaps.

Address and label the package and take to your local shipping company or post office.

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