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How to Ship a Fishing Rod

One would think that it’s difficult to ship something long like an eight-footer fishing rod.  But it is actually simple!  Follow the tips below on how to ship a fishing rod and ensure that it arrives in perfect condition.

Depending on the length of of your fishing rod, thin-walled PVC drainage pipe with a couple of extra inches on both ends.  Wrap the rod with bubble wrap and insert inside the PVC pipe. Insert bubble wrap on one end of the tube and seal that end with a lot of packaging tape. Fill the tube with packing peanuts using the open end just so the rod will not move around inside the tube. Pack the end with bubble wrap seal again with packaging tape.

Wrap the entire tube with packaging paper and secure with clear tape.  Print address and labels and attach on the tube.

The package can now be taken to a shipping company.

Aside from the PVC pipe, you can also ask in fishing or bait and tackle shops for a tube that they received their rods in. If you are lucky you can have these tubes for free! You can also get a hard cardboard tube in most carpet stores.

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