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How to Ship a Double Bass

Double bass is a large bowed string instrument.  Because of its size and fragility, especially if antique, this musical instrument causes a lot of headaches when it comes to shipping.  However, when properly packed, it can be shipped successfully and without any damage. Here’s how to pack and ship a double bass.

An item as large as a double bass will have to be shipped by a truck as it is too massive for commercial shipping companies.  Thus, the first thing to consider when shipping a double bass is to look for a trucking company in your area which also services the destination of your item and contact it for details such as rates, requirements, pickup schedule, etc.

Measure the instrument and use the dimensions to buy materials for a light wooden crate. The crate will be your double bass’ shipping container.  Add extra spaces on all sides to give way for packing materials.  You may need the help of a carpenter to build a sturdy crate for the instrument.

Clean the double bass and take out the removable parts such as the bridge and endpin. Wrap the removed parts in bubble wrap and place them in a Ziploc bag.  Don’t forget to attach the bag to the rest of the package.

Use tissue paper and bubble wrap to cover the tailpiece and strings and prevent scratches. Wrap the entire instrument in bubble wrap and then with heavy plastic sheeting. Secure the wraps with packaging tape.

Finally, cover the instrument with light foam wrap and gently lay on the crate with at least 2 inches of packing peanuts.  Use custom cut Styrofoam blocks on the sides of the instrument to hold the bass within the crate and absorb hits. Fill the crate with more packaging peanuts.

Put the crate’s lid on and make sure that the item does not move around. Ensure that the crate is well sealed and that the lid will not pop out. Address and label the crate.

Call the trucking company for pickup.

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