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How to Ship a Computer Keyboard

shipping a computer keyboard

Computer keyboards are fragile electronic devices that can be damaged if not protected from any form of impact during shipping. If you are planning to ship a computer keyboard, here are some tips you should consider to ensure that the item arrives in its destination safely and without any damage.

If sending a used keyboard, clean it up first! Make sure to get rid of dust, cookie crumbs and bits of potato chips that have lodged between the keys. Use a dry soft cloth and a soft brush to clean between crevices.

Gather the keyboard wire in a roll and secure it with a rubber band. Wrap the entire keyboard generously with bubble wrap. The more layers of bubble wrap you use, the more protected the keyboard will be against falls, bumps, and impact due to rough handling. Secure the wrap in place with packaging tape.

Get a box that is large enough to accommodate the keyboard and still have at least 2 inches of extra space on all sides, top and bottom for packaging materials. Fill the bottom of the box with packaging materials such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, foam pads, then place the wrapped keyboard on top. Fill the remaining space on the sides and top with more packaging materials. The box should be well-packed, preventing the keyboard to shift or move around.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Address and label the package and take to your local post office or shipping company.

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