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How to Ship a Cobbler

Shipping a cobbler

Cobblers are delectable fruit desserts with a thick crust and baked in a deep dish. It is easy to prepare and makes a great gift.  Cobblers are usually more free form pies and often contain peaches, blackberries, or blueberries. Cobbler can stay fresh unrefrigerated at room temperature for one day, as long as you cover it. For maximum freshness, store in the refrigerator for two to three days. Here is how to pack and ship a cobbler and ensure that the recipient can enjoy it while it’s fresh.

After baking the cobbler, give it some time to cool before packaging.  Then, scoop it out of the pan and into a plastic food-storage container that’s just a bit bigger than the cobbler. Place the lid on the container.  Make sure to use an air-tight food container.

Get two packs of gel cold pack and place it on the opposite side of the container. Wrap the container with the cold packs in bubble wrap.

Take a cardboard box that can accommodate the food container.  Layer with packing material such as a newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts. Place the cobbler in the center of the box and fill the remaining spaces with packing material. Make sure there is no empty space left in the box.

Seal the box with packing tape, label, and bring to it your post office or shipping office.  Select “overnight delivery” to ensure freshness. Always declare perishable items when shipping.

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