How to Ship a Clavinova

shipping clavinova

Because it is bulky and fragile, it can be tedious to transport a Clavinova from one place to another, especially if long-distance. Sometimes, it is more practical to just sell an old Clavinova and purchase a new one in your new destination.

But if a Clavinova holds sentimental value and needs to be shipped elsewhere, there are ways to ensure that it arrives in the best condition possible. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a Clavinova to prevent any damage during transit. 

Disassemble the Clavinova by removing it from its stand. This usually involves using a screw driver or an adjustable wrench. Once taken apart, the keyboard makes one piece and the stand can be laid flat and makes another piece. Also remove the power cord or any removable accessories like the sustain pedal or microphone. Place these items in Ziploc bags, seal and wrap in bubble wrap.

Close the key cover and the music sheet stand, if any. Wrap the entire keyboard generously with bubble wrap (the more layers, the better). Do the same with the stand which can be either folded into its smallest size disassembled further into smaller portions. Just make sure to wrap each part with bubble wrap so they don’t damage each other in case they collide inside the package during shipping.

Place the wrapped Clavinova parts in its original box, filling empty spaces with more bubble wrap to prevent any movement. If the original box is not available, use any sturdy cardboard box that can snugly accommodate the Clavinova and its accessories with just a couple inches of free spaces on all sides for packing materials. A large box can be cut to size while smaller boxes can be fused together to make one big box that can hold the entire Clavinova and its parts. Just make sure that all voids are filled up and the box is well-packed with more bubble wrap or packing peanuts to ensure that the items do not have a chance to move around during transit.

Close the box and seal with several layers of packaging tape. Also make sure that all seams and flaps are reinforced with packaging tape, including those under the box.

Attach address and labels such as “Fragile” and “Handle with Care.” Take the package to your choice of carrier and don’t forget to purchase insurance.

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