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How to Ship a Chaise Lounge

shipping a chaise lounge

Seating furniture is one of the most difficult items to ship.  They are usually bulky, heavy, and irregularly-shaped making them impossible to just fit in a box and taken to the post office. When shipping home furniture such as a chaise lounge, properly packed them first to ensure that they arrive intact and without any damage.  Here are some important guidelines on how to pack and ship a chaise lounge.

Before you ship a chaise lounge, clean it using a vacuum cleaner. Make the bulky furniture more manageable by removing all detachable parts such as the legs. Some chaise lounge has legs that can be simply screwed on and off the furniture’s bottom. Taking out these protruding parts will make the chaise lounge smaller and easier to handle. If the parts are permanently attached, you have no choice but to ship the furniture as is.

Bubble wrap the legs individually and place inside a plastic bag and seal it with tape. Include all screws and bolts that you removed from the chair. Seal the bag and Place on the furniture where it will not fall off or get lost.

Don’t bother removing the lounge’s cushions and pillows. Just leave them there as well as the bag of removed parts. This will ensure that you will not forget about them when you wrap the chaise lounge and will not be left behind.

Wrap the chaise lounge’s sides, corners, and other parts that are prone to bumps and scratches with bubble wrap or cardboard strips.

Then, wrap the entire furniture in plastic sheeting until it is completely covered in several layers. Plastic sheeting comes in rolls and is available from most shipping supplies stores. Secure the sheeting in place with packing tape.

You can either take the chaise lounge to your trusted shipping company yourself or have it picked up which is more convenient. If you are taking it yourself, make sure to secure the sofa in the vehicle by placing ratchet straps over the top of the furniture and connecting the straps to any “tie-down” locations on the truck or van. The straps will push down on the sofa and prevent it from sliding during transport.

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