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How to Pack and Ship a Wooden Jewelry Box

How to Pack and Ship a Wooden Jewelry Box

If you are into crafting jewelry boxes from wood and want to send one to a buyer or as a gift to a loved one elsewhere, here are some helpful tips on how to properly pack and ship a wooden jewelry box to ensure that it arrives in the best condition possible.

You can bring your wooden jewelry box to your local shipping company and have a staff pack and ship it for you. However, most of these companies charge ridiculously expensive packing fees so it is best to just do the packing yourself and save some bucks in the process.

Packing a wooden jewelry box is not complicated at all. All you need are the proper packaging materials and know-how and you can be assured that your item will be delivered safely and in excellent form.

First, look for a sturdy shipping cardboard box that can snugly accommodate the jewelry box with a couple of inches of extra space on all sides for packing materials.

Close jewelry box shut and fasten any locking latches, if any. If there are moving parts like trays or smaller boxes inside, sure them in place by wedging foam pads, bubble wrap or crumpled tissue paper fo they don’t move around.

Wrap the entire jewelry box in acid-free tissue paper first before covering it in a couple of layers of bubble wrap. All sides and corners must be well protected by bubble wrap. Direct contact between the wood’s finish and the plastic bubble wrap can lead to a chemical reaction that can cause unsightly marks on the finish. The tissue paper will protect the wooden box against such damages. Also make sure that the finish of your wooden jewelry box has completely dried before packing it. Use tape to secure the wrap in place.

Fill the bottom of the shipping box with at least a two-inch layer of packing materials such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap or foam paddings. Place the wrapped wooden box on top of the packing materials and fill the sides and top with more packing materials.  The idea is to overfill the box with packing materials and then squeeze the shipping box shut such that there is no way for the item inside to move around or shift during transit.

Seal the box securely with packaging tape. Attach addresses and labels before taking the package to the post office or shipping company of your choice.

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