Practical Packing Tips for Cost-Efficient Shipping

packing tips Shipping rates can get a little exorbitant! For cheapskates such as my self, I’d do everything to cut on my shipping costs.  Here are some practical and creative packing tips that will help save a few dollars on your shipping expenses.

Use balloons as a filler. Just inflate them and use them as packing air packets!

Protect your items from dirt, dust and moisture by wrapping them in kitchen wrap! They also keep the packing peanuts away from your items.

Use colored tape when taping bubble wrap.  Clear tape is difficult to see and sometimes can cause damage when unwrapping. If you don’t have colored tape, draw a line across the tape with a permanent marker to indicate where to cut to help the recipient.

Cut strips of light-weight cardboard to make your own tubes for rolling goblets or tumblers before shipping.

When wrapping the goblets in cardboard, do not tape the ends shut! Loosely pack the ends with tissue paper to fill the open ends.

When shipping large heavy dinner plates, wrap each plate with tissue paper to prevent scratching. Also put cardboard sheets between each plate. Double box and stack no more than 4 to each inner box. Use at least 3 inches of quality packing between each inner box. Be sure that all sides of each box have this 3 inch cushioning.

Always double box breakables and allow for this additional cost in your shipping quote.

When shipping breakables, put least 3 inches of packing peanuts around all breakables.

Custom fit your box to fit. If your shipping container is too large for the item you are shipping, cut a larger box down, to custom fit your needs. This can be done by cutting the depth at all 4 corners and then score the sides to create the flaps. Use a box knife and a straight edge piece of cardboard as a ruler to keep the score straight.

Cut costs by making your own shipping labels! Just make sure to tape over the entire label to protect against wet delivery conditions. Printer ink will wash off and bleed when exposed to water.

When shipping large and bulky items, use cardboard to wrap around areas that needs to be protected.

Use air packets, balloons or small light weight boxes to fill vacant areas in your package.  Reserve the costly packing peanuts for small shipments.

Use rubber bands instead of tape to hold your bubble wrap in place.


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