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Helpful Tips in Using Bubble Mailers to Ship Items

Bubble Mailers

Using bubble mailers is a practical and economical way of packing light weight and items that are not too fragile for shipping through the mail. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes making them a convenient packing option. There are small ones perfect for holding small and flat items like CDs or DVDs as well as larger ones which can be used when shipping delicate documents such as architectural blueprints and maps.  Mailers are also made of thick material that conceals the contents of the package and lined with bubble wrap that protects the items from scratches and other damages.

However, not all bubble mailers are created equal.  Some are made from flimsy outer material that could not provide optimum level of protection. The cost of the mailer is usually a good indication of its quality.  Some manufacturers scrimp on production costs by using low-quality outer material at the expense of protection. Only use mailers with thick and sturdy shell to ensure that your package is protected from rough handling. Here are some helpful tips when using bubble mailers to ship items.

Use a bubble mailer with the right dimensions. Forcing an item into a mailer that is too small might burst the bubble lining and eliminate its cushioning properties. When shipping small items such as a ring, bracelet or earrings, you might want to put the items in a small box first before inserting inside the mailer. In case the mailer is a bit larger than the item, insert more bubble wrap or tissue paper just to prevent the contents from sliding in the envelope.

Most bubble mailers come with built-in adhesive strips on the flap. Make sure to give a good press on the adhesive material to seal the package securely.  For added protection, you might want to use additional packaging tape on the flap to ensure a secured seal.

Provide the correct and complete shipping and return addresses and securely attach them on the package.  Protect the address from the elements by sticking clear tape on top.

Take the package to the Post Office and a postal service staff will assist you in weighing and calculating the postage. Alternatively, you can weigh and calculate the shipping cost yourself using USPS website’s Postage Calculator. Buy and apply the required stamps on the package and drop it in the mailbox.

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