15 Bizarre Customs Regulations

Bizzare Customs Regulations Every country imposes its own customs regulations to protect its residents, economy, environment, etc. Restrictions on guns, flammable substances, and hazardous materials, are quite understandable. However, some countries’ customs regulations will leave you scratching your head. For instance, it is forbidden to import matching shoes to South Africa, Mexico or India while pencils are totally banned in Tunisia. Read on and see what we mean.

Goody Two-Shoes
It is forbidden to import matching shoes to South Africa, Mexico or India. The reason behind this is for the countries to maintain control of their own shoe market. Fortunately, the rule only applies to shoe manufacturers and not to individuals.

No Pencil-Pushing
For some unexplained reason, Tunisia bans the humble pencil from entering the country. Ballpoint pens are the country’s writing tool of choice.

In Hot Water
In Fiji, pilgrims are not allowed to bring back more than one pint of Holy Water after a pilgrimage. If your amount of Holy Water exceeds one pint, you will require a certificate to say that it is disease-free. This is in order to prevent the spreading of water-borne diseases.

Chew On This
Chewing gums are strictly prohibited in Singapore. You cannot ship it nor buy and consume it there. This is due to a 1992 ban in order to promote civic cleanliness.

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Grin and Bear it
Algeria imposes a ban on the import of toothpaste and other dental products. This is down to the use of fluoride, which is regarded as poisonous by many nations.

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk
Powdered milk and infant formula can only be imported to China as personal effects. The maximum amount of milk that can be shipped to China is 5 kilograms or about 6 cans.

Go to Heaven in a Wheelbarrow
It is strictly prohibited to import a wheelbarrow to Nigeria. Apparently, this is an attempt to strengthen the country’s own manufacturing industry.

Toot Your Own Horn
Car horns are banned from entering Saudi Arabia as part of the country’s many restrictions on noise and loud items.

A Tough Egg to Crack
Kinder Egg, the chocolate egg containing a small toy inside and popular among kids, is unfortunately banned in America because it contains a plastic part which is considered to be a choking hazard.

Party Pooper
Malawian authorities have completely banned the import of any and all aphrodisiac products.

Don’t Send In the Clown
A wave of panic caused by pranksters in clown costumes has prompted the authorities of Vendargues, a lovely village in Southern France, to ban clown costumes.

Don’t Make a Spectacle of Yourself
Imports containing eyeglasses and foreign spectacles are completely banned from entering Uruguay.

Whistle in the Dark
Officials in Guatemala have decided to ban police whistles to stop police impersonation.

Sweet Nothings
Imported honey is strictly forbidden in Botswana.

Don’t Toy With It
Be aware that only toys made of wood can make it through Italian customs.

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