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How to Ship a Waffle Iron

Shipping a Waffle Iron

A waffle iron, also called waffle maker, is a small kitchen appliance used to make waffles. It usually consists of two hinged metal plates with a honeycomb pattern on the surface. Modern waffle irons use electricity to generate heat. Batter or dough is then placed between the plates, which are then closed to cook the waffle.

There is a large variety of waffle irons available. There are small models that can only make a single waffle at a time while larger ones can make up to six waffles. Waffle makers also offer different shapes and thicknesses.

Just like most electric appliance, waffle irons must be properly packed prior to shipping to ensure that it is protected from rough handling. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a waffle iron.

A brand new waffle iron is best shipped in its original packaging. After making sure that it sits snugly in its original box, simply slide it inside a slightly larger cardboard box with packing materials all around to prevent movement. Close the box and seal it with packing tape. Double boxing will ensure that the item is protected from impact and vibration during transit.

If the original box is not available, place the waffle maker inside a plastic bag and seal or tie it closed. This will prevent damage to the appliance in case water or moisture gets inside the box during transit. Then, wrap the iron generously with bubble wrap.

Put the wrapped waffle iron inside a sturdy box where the item will fit snugly. Fill any empty spaces with packing materials to limit movement. Don’t forget to enclose the power cord (if detachable), accessories, user’s manual or any other items that you want to include. Wrap them too in bubble wrap. Double box the package as described above.

Properly address the box before bringing it to the post office or a shipping company.

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