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Important Things To Consider When Shipping Axolotls

Axolotl, also known as a Mexican salamander or Mexican walking fish, is a specie of Salamander which originated from the Lake Xochimilco in Mexico. It is known for living its whole life in larval form without undergoing a metamorphosis, unlike other salamanders. Despite growing legs, the Axolotl retains its gills and remains living underwater.  These…

April 19, 2016
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What You Need to Know When Shipping Hoverboards

Hoverboard, or more accurately, a self-balancing two-wheel motorized board, is all the rage last year until reports of injuries and catching fire due to overheated lithium batteries made headlines. Since then, establishments such as malls, hotels, airports and other public places, banned the personal transport device in their premises. These devices, prototypes of which were…

February 3, 2016
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5 Hacks to Avoid Shipping Damage

Shipping damage is an unfortunate event to both the sender and receiver. It leads to waste of time, money and energy. What make it worse is the fact that such damage can be avoided if only proper packing techniques were employed and precautions were followed. Packages go through a lot of stress during the entire…

January 22, 2016
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Green Shipping for the Holidays

With just a few days before Christmas, gifts and packages from loved ones from afar must have started coming in. I bet some presents have found their spots under the tree while others may not have the same fate, unwrapped as soon as they were delivered. While these presents bring invaluable delight and joy, they…

December 22, 2015
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Helpful Guide When Shipping Pears and other Fresh Fruits

Pears are not only delicious, they are also packed with health benefiting nutrients. They are very good sources of fiber as well as vitamin B2, C, E, copper, and potassium. These sweet, crunchy and juicy fruits also contain anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogen glutathione which help prevent cancer, high blood pressure, and stroke. Unripe and properly packed,…

November 9, 2015
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Valuable Tips When Shipping Butter and Other Perishables

Butter must be kept in appropriate temperatures to prevent it from melting. At around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, butter softens to a spreadable consistency and melts to a liquid at 90-95. Hence, a little extra effort in packing is required for butter to remain in good condition when being shipped. Commercially available butter is typically wrapped…

November 5, 2015
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How to Send a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines

It’s that time of the year again and Filipinos all over the world are busy filling up balikbayan boxes to send to their loved ones back home in time for the holidays.  Filipinos are known for having the longest celebration of Christmas in the world and a big part of their festivities is sharing blessings…

October 28, 2015
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The Packing Checklist: Your Guide to Properly Packing Your Items

Depending on the carrier and shipping option you chose, parcels and packages will be processed and delivered via different means, including manually or automated using mechanical equipment.  During the shipping process, items are exposed to a variety of shocks and pressures that can lead to damage. To keep your package intact under any shipping condition,…

October 23, 2015
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USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2015

The Holidays are just around the corner and so is the U.S. Postal Service’s busiest time of the year.  If you want your Christmas greeting cards, letters and other holiday packages to arrive on time, the USPS suggests you send them out as early as possible. To help customers make sure that their loved ones…

October 13, 2015
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How to Properly Pack and Ship Pumpkins

Pumpkin season is coming and there is no better treat than receiving fresh pumpkins this coming holiday.  Whether for jack o lanterns or as ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner, fresh pumpkins make great gifts.  Unlike other fruits and vegetables, pumpkins are quite sturdy and should not be difficult to ship.  In fact, you can mail pumpkins…

October 1, 2015
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How to Prevent Packages from Getting Flagged and Intercepted

Delayed package delivery is a headache among online sellers.  It causes dissatisfaction among customers which can negatively affect the business.  There are many reasons that causes delay in package delivery.  Some are due to courier issues but most of them can be blamed on the senders inefficient packing. One reason of delayed delivery is getting…

September 24, 2015
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Shipping 101: Calculating Dimensional Weight

Flat rate services offered by the post office and other commercial couriers make shipping small packages easy and economical because there is no calculating needed as long as items fit in in designated flat rate boxes and do not exceed a certain weight.  Unfortunately, we cannot take advantage of these hassle-free options if we are…

September 14, 2015
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Cost-Saving Packing Strategies For Online Businesses

Getting your products to your customers in excellent condition, on time and with as little cost as possible is the be-all and end-all of any online business.  To achieve these, you must rely on a good shipping company and employ a packing strategy that will ensure that all shipped products will arrive intact without spending…

September 7, 2015
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What You Need To Know When Shipping Medicines

There are instances when we have to send over medicines or medication refills to family members from afar.  Whether over-the-counter or prescription drugs, medicines can be easily shipped as long as proper packing precautions are met.  Proper packing is important to ensure that the medicines will arrive in excellent condition.  Here are tips on how…

August 9, 2015
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Seven Helpful Tips to Cut Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can make or break your online business. Your shipping rate must be kept to a minimum to keep buyers interested and your bottom line profitable. Whether shipping to a domestic or international location, or sending a small package or a large freight load, here are a few tips which can help you cut…

July 26, 2015
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UPS vs USPS: Which Courier is Best for your Online Business

Your merchandise are ready and you’ve set up your eCommerce store. Before launching your site, make sure that your shipping process has also been laid out including the carrier you will use. Apart from having your items shipped to buyers at the shortest time possible, other key factors that you should consider when choosing a…

June 29, 2015
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8 Essential Shipping Tips for New Online Sellers

The tedious part of online selling kicks in when orders start coming in. Apart from peroper packing to ensure that the items are well protected against damage, there are other factors that must be considered when preparing the package. This includes keeping the shipping costs at a minimum and meeting your buyers’ expectations so you…

June 15, 2015
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Helpful Guide on Packing and Shipping a Barbie Doll

Barbie, the iconic fashion doll, is as popular today as when it was first launched in 1959. Not surprising for a doll that has represented all the races and portrayed over 130 careers in its 56-year history. Today, Barbie is more than just a little girl’s Christmas sock stuffer, it is also a most coveted…

June 9, 2015
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Helpful Tips When Shipping a Pram

Pram is short for perambulator, a wheeled baby carrier introduced in the Victorian era. Compared to a stroller which carries a child in sitting position, a pram usually has a flat, cushioned bottom which comfortably accommodates a lying or sleeping child who is not yet able to sit up. Built higher and with more space…

June 1, 2015
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Important Factors to Consider when Shipping Art

Artworks such as paintings, sculptures and installations, are some of the most difficult items to ship because of their fragility, rarity, size and value. They require proper handling at all times as well as protection from elements that can cause irreparable damage caused by such factors as impact, moisture, and exposure to extreme temperatures. If you are…

May 27, 2015
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